We are doing a FRP A

FRP Linning

We are doing a FRP Anticorrosive Linnings (Coating) for Chemical & Engineerings Industries. FRP Linings treated as a significant application in the fibre glass industries because of the vivid application , Like leak profing of roof tops, Tank lining in chemical industries , Pharmacitical or others industries reinforcement/manufacturing of PVC -PP tank etc.Using our Special grade resincould attain various properties. The high grade resins thatwe develop can withstand the impacts of strong acid and high temprature. The same inthe used in the chemical industries as protective layers for chemical storage. Application : 1. Plating Tanks with coated FRP Linnings. 2. Chemical Storage Tanks. 3. Anticorrosive Coating in industrial Ductings. 4. FRP Linnings in Pharmacitical Pipe Lines.

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